Over Exposure to Technology

In the article entitled iCrazy, researchers described how people experienced withdrawals from technology. It described how miserable people felt after having been on their wireless devices and social media site for hours.

I totally agree.

But then why am I so compelled to be on my computer constantly? I think it’s because I am afraid that I will miss something amazing if I am not engaged.

As the books that I am reading argues, I need to find that ever elusive balance. Oh, the woes of technology….

First Days of Tech Camp at Pepperdine

While growing up in Korea, I learned one thing really well. I learned to be a great student. Even when I moved from Korea to the United States, I continued to be a great student, I think, because I figured out the pattern and tricks to becoming a very good student in Korea. Here are the three most important rules.

First, you never ever contradict your teachers. Never. Contradiction means death. Just don’t do it. Just stop.

Second, you never ever miss your homework assignments. Again, never. But if you “forgot” to do the assignment, simply keep your head down and wait for the punishment. Do not, I repeat, do not make eye contacts or alert your teachers of your indiscretions. You will be considered disrespectful. It’s disrespectful enough that you didn’t do your work, but by making your teacher notice that inadequacies is thousand times worse. So keep your head down and take the punishment.

Finally, always take notes and memorize all your information. If you were too slow and couldn’t write down all the incredibly wise words of your teachers, just memorize the entire book. That will cover what you will have to learn.

I lived by those rules for 23 years in Korea. I won numerous scholastic awards, scholarships, and an admission to a great university.

Now I am beginning my doctorate program at Pepperdine. I am ask to think outside the box, speak my mind, and challenge the norm.

I am freaking out. Period.