Child Development and Teaching

In her recent blog post, Rae Pica asked a question that resonated with me. She said, “What If Everybody Understood Child Development?” 

I have been asking the same question since I began working in the dean’s office at my school. As the assistant dean at a comprehensive high school site, I had many occasions to deal with conflicts between students and student misbehaviors in classrooms. Believe me. There isn’t a day I don’t think about how much I would love to have learned more about the adolescent psychology. 

Ask high school teachers. Many will tell you that they never received instructions on adolescent psychology. They will also tell you how much they would love it. 

I think that was Ms. Pica’s point. She would like us all to become educated in child development, because we are all in the business of educating our children. I think that some of the examples she included are appalling.

But, having been an administrator, I must say sometimes we suspend students for additinoal reasons. We just can’t put all of them on paper because the legal system is limited in dealing with a full array of human behaviors. 

Although I agree with what Ms. Pica is arguing, I caution people not to jump on the bandwagon of criticizing the administrator at the school without knowing all the details of the case.

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