Karel and CodeHS

Now that I am finally finished with my Arduino project, I am supposed to move onto app creation using AppInventor. But before that, I was introduced to a new free online platform known as CodeHS.

It has become one of the most useful tools that I have encountered in terms of teaching students the basics of computer programming.

What makes CodeHS superior to others? In my humble opinion, CodeHS has one of the best pedagogical models I have seen in terms of teaching a defined skill set like computer programming. Its instructions are so clear, its feedback is immediate, and its ability to level up the user is seamless. My students liked Kodu and Codecacademy, but they LOVE CodeHS. Of course, Codecacademy offers more languages, but if you are starting out with teaching your students the very basics of programming, CodeHS with Karel really is the way to go.

The bottom line is that it has simply been the most user-friendly tool that I have ever used with my students. I am seriously considering getting paid subscriptions for my students, which will not be easy considering my budget constraints.

DSC02887 DSC02888 DSC02890 DSC02891 DSC02892 DSC02893

One thought on “Karel and CodeHS

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