The Hour of Code Event at Independence High Scohol

The IHS Coding Club hosted the Hour of Code Event today. We had several elementary school students from the Boys and Girls Club of Kern County. I was so proud of my students who ran the event without much help from me.

I know many people consider teaching high school to be a tough job. Believe me when I tell you it can be!

However, I absolutely love my students for their amazing compassion and willingness to help others. And here are some pictures from that event.

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Kodu and Peer-to-Peer Learning

Since I learned about Kodu and Studio K, I thought that Kodu would be a great tool to use with my students. Kodu is a great tool as is. But I consider its biggest potential to be a tool for peer-to-peer learning. I have been fortunate to shave two amazing students who were willing to learn the program ahead of everyone, and demonstrate all the features to the class.

I think that’s where the power of digital tools lies. It’s as though having a digital tool gives them the permission to take charge and be a leader. I have seen it during our coding club meetings. Students become free from rigid expectations of a traditional classroom.