Why I want to sing with Mr. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

The other day, I saw Mr. Jimmy Fallon and The Roots singing with the talented Ms. Idina Menzel on Youtube. I posted this on my Facebook status page.

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 1.49.00 PM

The next day, I shared my dream with my students. Hearing my enthusiastic declaration, one of my students asked me why I would want to do it. Here were my reasons.

1. Importance of Collaboration

Just by situating himself with a talented group of musicians, Mr. Fallon is expressing the power of collaboration. He invites famous singers into his domain without making them the focal point. Rather than putting on a concert by one, he and his “friends” make beautiful music together. Mr. Fallon is showing his audience how much more fun we can have when we work with others.

2. Importance of Music and Art in the Classroom

Mr. Fallon sings with various musical instruments that can be found in any elementary classroom. By doing so, he is showing the importance of keeping music in our classrooms. With his actions, he is arguing for more music and art in the classrooms. He is clearly using his influence for good.

3. Importance of Having Clean Fun

Often times, the contrasts evident in his videos are the source of fun. By not allowing his guests to take themselves too seriously yet demonstrating the serious talent he and The Roots posses, Mr. Fallon expresses the art of understated sophistication. I often tell my students that one can’t be funny without being exceedingly clever. Mr. Fallon shows how to be light-hearted without degrading himself or his guests. With his fun personality, he shows how to have fun without being vulgar and cruel.

4. Support for Teachers

Most importantly, because he uses what is available in the actual classroom, he is showing tremendous support for teachers. He reminds the public that teachers with limited resources are making beautiful music both with and for our children as was illustrated in this video below.

So how can I not want to be a part of that? I hope someday I will become important and famous enough for Mr. Fallon to invite me to sing with him. If not, maybe he should just do it because he is a nice guy. I can always dream, right?