Grammar Lesson Music Videos

Since my students begun working with the Chicago students, I have attempted to create lessons that would allow my students to become teachers to the 6th graders. I also wanted to help my students acquire more media skills as a result of completing my assignments.

The latest assignment was the grammar lesson music video assignment.

First, my students and I brainstormed on the grammar concepts that the 6th graders were struggling with. Next, we settled on three concepts that we thought were important and were also teachable in a song.

  • Capitalizing “I” in the middling of the sentence
  • Differentiating homonyms such as their, they’re, and there
  • Using better transitional phrases

Then my students rewrote different popular songs to create the music videos.

I always knew that my students were talented, but it has been so amazing to see them shine with their talent and creativity. Oh, let’s not forget their technical abilities!

Here are some examples.

I am trying to stay objective, but I must say I really LOVE the next video. The ladies in this video are so amazingly talented.

Next, we have the Puppeteers. They didn’t make a music video, but I absolutely love their work.

Finally, I adore this next video. I think that this shows how seriously my students are taking their roles and responsibilities. They are fearless in doing what needs to be done to be the best mentors they can be.

I hope people enjoy these videos as much as I did.